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We have always tried to do our best to serve our consumers. From time to time, we always have promotions for our sales. We promoted our Cereals for Freedom Foods where you can buy one and get one for FREE! We also offer a promotion where you can get a free milk! We always thrive to gain consumer awareness for our products.

Our products can buy at :

  • Foodhall Supermarket
  • Ranch Market
  • KemChicks
  • Grand Lucky
  • Papaya Supermarket
  • etc..

PT. Mentari Anugerah Prima
Kedoya Elok Plasa Blok DC 58
Jl. Panjang No 7-9, Jakarta 11520
Tel. : +6221-29036612
Fax. : +6221-29036615
email : sales@mentarifood.com