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Since 1971, Riska has been sticking consistently with making good things. Aim to develop products that delight the needs and expectations of customers, Riska has successfully achieved this.

Use of fresh raw materials carefully selected to produce quickly and efficiently in a clean environment. This is the basis of the quality control of Riska. Without relying on any external seasoning sauce and powder, are all developed in-house. And production management system that makes full use of advanced technology, the high awareness of quality management staff, to deliver safe and delicious product.

PT. Mentari Anugerah Prima
Kedoya Elok Plasa Blok DC 58
Jl. Panjang No 7-9, Jakarta 11520
Tel. : +6221-29036612
Fax. : +6221-29036615
email : sales@mentarifood.com